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Title: The Adventure of the Cardboard Box, a 12 page comic
Artist: [personal profile] akikotree
Rating: G
Spoilers: None.
Full comic below the cut!

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This was a very long term project. I read that quote from "Hound of the Baskervilles" in my read-through of all of Conan Doyle's original Sherlock stories in between seasons one and two. I worked on the thumbnails on and off for over a year (I had a lot of other projects going on at the same time). I started painting the pages this spring- then started grad school this summer, got totally interrupted- and finally finished them this fall.

This was the first comic I've done in watercolor. I am very much indebted to this website for the high quality large file screen caps I used as reference for the apartment- particularly the wallpaper!

 photo wallpaperpost_zpse148f698.jpg

I freaking love the wallpaper in Sherlock and John's apartment... it is possible that I designed this whole project as an excuse to paint wallpaper XD

 photo thebox1copy_zps29653984.jpg

This is what a page looked like after I had finished the pencils, before I started painting.

I printed and bound a handful of copies of this comic for the last con I went to, and I have a few left which I posted for sale at my etsy store, if anyone is interested. I also posted this comic to my Sherlock gallery on deviantart and to tumblr.

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Date: 2013-10-31 07:10 am (UTC)
amadi: A bouquet of dark purple roses (Default)
From: [personal profile] amadi
Truly and utterly fantastic. The wallpapers are amazing, and the whole is just wonderful.

Date: 2013-10-31 09:45 am (UTC)
jjhunter: Drawing of human JJ in ink tinted with blue watercolor; woman wearing glasses with arched eyebrows (JJ inked)
From: [personal profile] jjhunter
Your art here is fantastically gorgeous, and I'm bookmarking this for the beautifully punbad meta elaboration on that particular canon quote. I will never be able to see "a concentrated atmosphere helps a concentration of thought" (or for that matter, the BBC Sherlock!) the same way again - this is utterly charming, and hilarious as heck.

Very well done; thank you for sharing. :o)

Date: 2013-10-31 09:56 am (UTC)
jjhunter: Drawing of human J.J. in red and brown inks with steampunk goggle glasses (red J.J. inked)
From: [personal profile] jjhunter
p.s. a subtle thing, but I really like the way you arranged the boxes (heh) on p. 9 such that John's 'Yes, but—' panel interjects itself slightly into the column of Sherlock's stream of thought as he tries to do the same conversationally, and that Sherlock talks right over him such that 'Hence the need for logic' bubble aligns with shifting John's final reaction panel on that page neatly back over to the right.

You do this same kind of care throughout, but that one especially caught my eye, because it's such a note perfect way of visually suggesting / reinforcing what their words imply about the conversation dynamics, and it's a trick I don't recall having seen before.

And yes, oh my god, the wallpapers. They go so well with your choice of watercolor as a medium, and are just lusciously lovely throughout. I like how you suggest certain things about the emotional state of the character dominating a particular panel just by how much of the wallpaper detail you do or don't include, and the shading / shadowing. It gives its own suggestion of 'concentrated atmosphere' in certain boxes panels!

Date: 2013-10-31 11:34 am (UTC)
mific: (sherlock-grin)
From: [personal profile] mific
This is so wonderful! I love all the marvellous and faithful details - the wallpapers! Love the soft colour palette you used, and the text - the storyline is very Sherlock. An amazing piece of work, and go you for your dedication to such a big project. The likenesses are excellent as well. Bravo!

Date: 2013-11-01 10:51 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] spacefall

Date: 2013-11-01 03:47 pm (UTC)
jesse_the_k: Modern design teapot with two cups (Share tea with me)
From: [personal profile] jesse_the_k
Fabulous. I'm also a wallpaper lover, and your watercolors do them justice as they introduce subtle shades and tones.

Also John's expression in lower left p 11 is priceless.

Also Mrs Hudson is lovely.

Also also also WOW! Thank you so much!


Date: 2013-11-04 05:28 pm (UTC)
mekare: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mekare
Oh oh OH! So that's the comic, finally! I was so excited when you mentioned it a while ago and it has surpassed my expectations! It's gorgeous, I love the whole idea, and Mrs Hudson and John's facial expressions and everything! And it looks beautiful in watercolour!
The panel where the washing machine is revealed made me laugh out loud but I laughed even more when I saw Sherlock IN the box (which I only noticed at second glance). Fantastic!

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