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Oct. 8th, 2015 10:47 pm
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Dear podficcer,
I have been a podfic listener for years, but am very very new to making podfic, so you probably do not know me! This is my first year doing ITPE and I am very excited.

Here's a summary of my fandoms and ships:

-One Direction :DDD I've been completely sucked in for the past year (since release of Four). My main ship is Ziam, but I also love Larry, Lilo and Zarry. I cannot see Niall as a sexual being, he is too much of a dandelion, so I do not want him shipped with anyone, but obviously I enjoy him as a side character. For stories, I mostly prefer AUs to canon-compliant. This is the fandom in which I read the kinkiest stories. I dip into dom/sub and bondage with these boys, which I do not read for any other fandom.

-Merlin! I know the show ended ages ago, but Merlin/Arthur is the OTP of my heart. They are my boys forever. I also much prefer modern AUs to stories set in the show, especially collge AUs or ones where they have interesting jobs. Modern royalty stories make my heart melt with happiness <3 Also I like Morgana/Gwen as a side ship. Or Morgana/Morgause. Or Morgana/Gwaine. Or Morgana/Leon. (Basically I just love Morgana.)

-Sherlock BBC. This one is a bit trickier because I am a huge Sherlock fan and do ship John/Sherlock but I only like really lighthearted stories. Because of this, I actually have not read very much fic, as so much of it is very dark. So I ship them, but only if it's silly, like in the "Two Coffees, One Black, One with Sugar Please" series.

-J2. Basically J2 is for porn and pining. I love AUs of any kind.

-Avengers. I love the Avengers as characters and have seen almost all of the movies, plus read Matt Fraction's Hawkeye series, but I don't have a strong ship preference, so have only read a few mostly plot or team focused stories here and there. I would probably enjoy any story that focused more on plot with only a light dash of shippiness... Tony/Steve, Steve/Bucky, Tony/Bruce, Bruce/Natasha, Natasha/Clint... I'm pretty open.

-I read a lot and love many book series. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, The Vorkosigan Series by Lois McMaster Bujold, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Simon/Baz), The Montmaray Series by Michelle Cooper (Toby/Simon), The Raven Cycle, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, and also The Winter Prince by Elizabeth Wein (which is practically a Merlin AU already...) I would enjoy stories based on these books that fit in with the tone of the books.

Things I like in fic in general:
I will pretty much always take humor over angst.
Happy endings.
Boys in lingerie.
Genderplay, genderqueer, trans and bisexual characters.
Side-ships. I love it when I've got two teams to root for!
I like Teen and Mature ratings more than Gen but also more than NC-17.
OT3, OT4, etc only if EVERYONE IS VERY HAPPY and there is no jealousy.

Things I'm not really into:
Omega verse.
Character death.
Love triangles in which one person is doomed to be unhappy/alone/excluded.
Non-con or dub-con (except sometimes in J2).
Serious BDSM (light BDSM in 1D is good though).
Excessive pain/torture/abuse.
Derogatory or demeaning language between lovers.

That is- everything I can think of right now. YAY! I can't wait to hear your podfic :D
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 photo hazlou_post_by_red_gold_sparks-d96xjw1_zpsvz0odigs.jpg

The only finished piece of 1D art I've ever done. Decided I should post it here :)
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Okay, clearly I have not been active here lately but I'm getting into podfic and I think I'll start posting here more because of that. Most active current fandom: One Direction. Other fandoms I still love and dabble in: Merlin, Sherlock, J2. I'm on twitter now: :D
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 photo merlinpostcopy_zps3ec862ec.jpg

Title: Hipster Merlin and Arthur
Artist: akikotree
Rating: G
Spoilers/warnings: None
Character/relationship(s): M/A
Content notes: line art
Summary: hand holding :)

Full art below the cut :)
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 photo boxpg1preview_zpsc2efe450.jpg

Title: The Adventure of the Cardboard Box, a 12 page comic
Artist: [personal profile] akikotree
Rating: G
Spoilers: None.
Full comic below the cut!
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 photo thegamepreview_zps6b58fd0f.jpg

My latest art for “The Blog of Eugenia H Watson” by Madlori. Tried out something more ambitious with watercolor on this one :)

Full drawing below the cut. PG, no spoilers, no warnings
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 photo 5letter_zps7523ae8b.jpg

My largest Night Circus-inspired project so far: I wrote a letter to Friedrick Thiessen, clock maker for the circus and founder of the rêveurs, from my great-great aunt Elise McBride. Elise McBride was fictionally born in 1881 in Forrestville, California and was able to visit the circus three times when it came to San Francisco. Elise's letter relates the tales of her three circus visits to Herr Thiessen. The experiences I wrote for her are based on experiences from my own childhood. When the letter was finished I hand wrote it in cursive and decorated an envelope for it.

Pictures of the letter below the cut.
The text of the letter is posted to AO3.
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 photo TheWishingTreebanner_zps5ea39e29.jpg

The Night Circus was a constant delight. Right from the start Erin Morgenstern’s light careful descriptive writing caught me up and held me. Stretching over a thirty year period (the 1870s-early 1900s) this book chronicles the early history of the Le Cirque des Rêves, a travelling circus which opens at nightfall and closes at dawn. The black and white tents appear without warning and disappear just as quietly, travelling freely across Europe and North America. But as enchanting as the circus is, it is only a stage for something even deeper and far more magical. Two magicians have chosen students and bound them into long-running a contest. Prospero, a well-known stage magician, chooses his out-of-wedlock daughter, Celia. The illusive Mr H—- chooses Marco, an unwanted boy from a London orphanage. The magicians take care over their student’s educations but little else, and both students lead lonely, painful childhoods. Celia and Marco grow up under the looming shadow of the competition, yet neither student knows the rules, the ultimate goal of the contest or even the identity of their opponent. As young adults, both begin working for Le Cirque des Rêves, each trying to influence it with their magic. Defying their teachers, Celia and Marco begin instead to collaborate, one from inside the circus and one from outside.

I absolutely fell in love with this book, and started making drawings and letterpress things based on it right away. Under the cut are pictures of three Night Circus projects I did :)

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 photo genie650preview_zpsb29e87d7.jpg

I finally finished coloring my second drawing for “The Blog of Eugenia H Watson” by Madlori.
Full drawing below the cut. PG, no spoilers, no warnings
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 photo merlinreversesmall.jpg

I decided to re-post some of my favorite fan art pieces here to the journal. This is the drawing I did for this year's Merlin Reverse BB (on LJ). [identity profile] wrote a charming, fantastic story to go with it. You can find her story here:
Its a Merlin/Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail crossover. Go read it! It's hilarious!

Close ups of this drawing under the cut (and also on deviant art:
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why hello

Apr. 7th, 2013 11:49 pm
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I am new here. I've been on lj for several years and always flirted with the idea of moving over, but only just created this account. My username is the same here as lj. We'll see if I use this journal other than for stalking purposes :P

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